Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The importance of attending school!!!

Why is it good to attend school?
It is good to attend school so you can communicate with your peers, through socialising with them,you will also develop opportunities to make decisions and to gain life skills, that would help you with your learning journey.

Firstly, It is important for us to learn socialisation skills at school and at home. We are naturally important in life, thinking of ourselves as the center of our would, at birth. For example, socialising skills in school  impact safety as well as interpersonal interactions, so students with poor socialising skills are more likely to demonstrate.

Secondly, An education should involve learning life skills that a student will carry with them after college. For example, in order to navigate relationships and causes and be a well-rounded, successful students.

Lastly, Socialisation skills are important not only in school but in all of adult as well. For example, through high school and college are excellent in teaching many valuable skills. Connections between engineering are delineated along with new interpretations and ways of using them.

In conclusion, Attending schools provides a new definition of efficiency for us in school. For example if you don't make decision in life you would not make it anywhere in life. School is where you’ll find success.

By: Warwick Meyer - Room 8

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Room 8 Headline
Room 8 are working
On their headline poems.
We used a lot of words 
From the magazines.
They cut out a lot of 
  powerful words
From old magazines.To make our poem successful.

                                                     Image result for magazines

Thursday, March 3, 2016

hip hop

Never give up in your learning.                             Try your best at all time without swearing.         Never live the waka.                                               Every child show whanaungatanga.                     

 Be kind to your teacher  and fellow students  Don't forget family are always by you till the end.

If you drop out of school.                                        You are a fool leaving without no tools.                                

Hip Hop Poem

In class never forget the rules
Help others like they are to you
Never forget you values
They are Respect,Whanaungatanga,and Excellence too.

Outside you can play with anyone
Just use your manners and have a lot of fun
There are so much you can play outside
Like Basketball,volley and soccer.

In red bod
We use our manner's
We help others to row the waka
You always have to help others  in hard times.    

By Warwick Meyer
  Hip Hop Poem
Image result for cartoon people showing respect

Yo!! please try your best
cause you have to show Respect
Encourage  other
Communicating with one another.

Try your best
And then you always get God Blessing
Image result for samoa rowing the waka togetherRowing our waka at all the times
And stay together if you don't mind.

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All day every day
What should I say
Hay do you even behave
Lets go pray
We can all stay and be brave

Always row the waka together
Communicate with one another
Encourage each other
Image result for rowing the waka together
And show your manners

Try your best
Then you'll be blessed
Stay together
Then you'll be friends forever

Don't be negative
Be positive
Be caring
And no swearing

Always study
with your  buddy
Listen to your mother and father
And use your best manners


grace lafi luanna

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


All day every day.
What else do we say.
Horay ok we are doing it the right way.
We use our manners all day.

In red pod we have to behave.
We come together as a family.
And we sing horay.

In class we face challenges.
But not the consequences.